The importance of local SEO

October 18th, 2017

Local search is defined by the tying the search engine results to a certain geographical area. For instance, when you type "Chinese restaurants" into Google, it will bring up Chinese restaurants in your area at the top of the list. In other words, the search engine will display different results depending on the searcher's location. Another type of local search is when searchers actually specify the are they are looking for "Chinese restaurants in Boston". 

Local Search Engine Marketing Boston, MA

Local searchers look for two very specific types of information on local businesses, general operating info, i.e., hours, address, phone numbers, menus, and they are looking for ratings and reviews. Majority of local searchers are ready to act immediately upon the information they found.That is why your local search optimization is vitally important to the success of your business. That includes making sure that your business information is correct and consistent across all online directories, your review base is growing and includes reviews that are no more than 1 month old, your website is optimized for mobile platforms as most searches these days are done on the smartphones.

So, when planning your online marketing strategy, it pays to dedicate special attention to local SEO.

Local marketing for small business nationwide

Local SEO Includes

Original content on a responsive website, building quality local listings, building your reputation with 5-star reviews, citation building, high-quality listings in popular directories and so much more.