How Do Local Landing Pages Improve Local SEO?

November 30th, 2021

By: Tactical-Moves Inc.

Simple: They make a local connection that allows Google to display relevant search results. The local three-pack shows you the names and contact info of the top three local search results. If you’ve done the work and have optimized your landing pages, you’ll pop up in that top three-pack, directing searchers to your business rather than someone else further away.

Not sure what makes a great landing page? Follow this checklist:

  • Showcase completed projects or events in each city you’re a part of, using an even blend of text and photos. 
  • Include customer testimonials from each city.
  • Link to other local organizations where you participate or offer services.
  • Offer city-specific specials or coupons.
  • Share advice and news about city-specific laws, codes, terrain, weather or issues that impact that particular community.
  • Embed a Google map of the city location. 
  • Include the logo and link to the local Chamber of Commerce for the city in question. 

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