Three Reasons Why You Need Social Media

April 10th, 2020

By: Tactical-Moves Inc.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is a critical ingredient in your online marketing recipe book. Without it, you’ll find it virtually impossible to connect with your audience, grow trust, establish subject matter expertise and get critical feedback. According to Entrepreneur, the marketing budget spent by brands on social media will double (from 11 to 24 percent) in the next five years; 95 percent of young adults follow a brand via social media networking, with total social media users hitting 2.5 billion.

All businesses and all industries, regardless of size and years in operation, can benefit from a strong social media presence. Here are three reasons why you need it to thrive.

1.    Search Engine Visibility

It’s easy to say you want to increase traffic and user engagement but if you don’t have a social media strategy in place, how can you expect prospects to find you and communicate with you online? Social media profiles will assist you in dominating the first search result page in a more natural, organic way. This in turn will increase profits.

Your continued presence on social media channels not only generates business for you but it also prevents brand negativity from reaching top positions.

2.    Company Mouthpiece

Whether you’re new to the industry or have been enmeshed in it for decades, positive word-of-mouth gains you new customers and helps you retain old ones. Social media marketing will allow you to keep your clients updated about new product launches, company policies, team activities, fundraisers, monthly specials, industry news and much more.

Online social networking also helps you build narration to pique your customers' interests. Every post or tweet is another opportunity to share company values, ethics, quality and more. But it’s a fine balance in terms of regularity. Once every day or a couple of days is good; five times a day is overkill and will only serve to annoy your followers.

Make sure everything you post is relevant!

3.    Virtual Connections

Social media marketing is a great way to virtually connect with your customers. This is your chance to prove your credibility and gain consumer confidence. Use your social media platforms to create a bond with your customers and reinforce your brand. It’s never been more important to engage your customers than now, especially if you’re in a highly competitive field like retail or food and beverage.

Use different social media channels to promote your services to different segments of your target audience. Connect with young users via Snapchat and Twitter, older uses via Facebook. Segment by interest too. If you’re in the crafting business, Pinterest is your ideal platform because it’s so informative and creative. Instagram is very visual, making it ideal for photographers, news channels, artists and more.  

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